from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A matter that is of concern.
  • n. Reference, relation, or importance.
  • n. Anxiety; worry.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • n. The state or quality of being a concern
  • n. That in which one is concerned or interested; concern; affair; interest.
  • n. importance; moment; consequence
  • n. concern; participation; interposition
  • n. emotion of mind; solicitude; anxiety

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A thing in which one is concerned or interested; concern; affair; business; interest.
  • n. The state or fact of concerning or affecting one's interest or happiness; importance; moment.
  • n. The state of being concerned or occupied; interference; participation.
  • n. The state of being concerned or anxious; concern; solicitude; anxiety.


concern +‎ -ment (Wiktionary)


  • Now having a night, a day, and still another night following before me in New Bedford, ere I could embark for my destined port, it became a matter of concernment where I was to eat and sleep meanwhile. » Blog Archive » With Anxious Grapnels I Had Sounded My Pocket

  • Matthews also writes that in middle school he had “an incipient though feckless concernment with the opposite sex.”

    2007 May 24 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • I deny not, but that it is of greatest concernment in the Church and Commonwealth, to have a vigilant eye how books demean themselves as well as men; and thereafter to confine, imprison, and do sharpest justice on them as malefactors.


  • Socrates the man, consisting of body and soul, when he is waking, are two persons: since waking Socrates has no knowledge of, or concernment for that happiness or misery of his soul, which it enjoys alone by itself whilst he sleeps, without perceiving anything of it; no more than he has for the happiness or misery of

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • As to myself, I think God has given me assurance enough of the existence of things without me: since, by their different application, I can produce in myself both pleasure and pain, which is one great concernment of my present state.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Indeed it is urged, that it is suitable to the goodness of God, to imprint upon the minds of men characters and notions of himself, and not to leave them in the dark and doubt in so grand a concernment; and also, by that means, to secure to himself the homage and veneration due from so intelligent a creature as man; and therefore he has done it.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • And in discourses of religion, law, and morality, as they are matters of the highest concernment, so there will be the greatest difficulty.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Though we have in the precedent chapters dwelt pretty long on the considerations of space and duration, yet, they being ideas of general concernment, that have something very abstruse and peculiar in their nature, the comparing them one with another may perhaps be of use for their illustration; and we may have the more clear and distinct conception of them by taking a view of them together.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • And yet in arguings and learned contests, the same sort of proceedings passes commonly for wit and learning; but to me it appears a greater dishonesty than the misplacing of counters in the casting up a debt; and the cheat the greater, by how much truth is of greater concernment and value than money.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • And he could never judge, that it was better to be deceived than not, in a matter of so great and near concernment.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding


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