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  • noun A council; an assembly.


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  • The Latin word for assembly, "concilium," is the root of the word,

    Remarks By The President To Northern Ireland Assembly

  • "concilium", "collegium", "corpus" or "conventiculum" (the words principally used to indicate the body of true believers) denoted primarily the local Christian assemblies represented by their bishop and that it was to the bishop that the administration of such property was committed.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • The little that was written was conceived in the Latin tongue by a few clerks, who expressed every meeting of lendes, herren, or ricohombres, by the word concilium.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Vltimo die mensis Octobris, episcopus Wintoniensis accessit ad concilium Constanciense, peregrinaturus Hierosolymam post electionem summi pontificis celebratam, vbi tantum valuit eius facunda persuasio, vt et excitaret dominos Cardinales ad concordiam, et ad electionem summi pontificis se ocy鵶 pr鎝ararent.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • It made plebiscita passed by the concilium plebis binding on all Romans.

    f. The Conquest of Italy

  • They were elected by and presided over the concilium plebis and, in order to carry out their mandate to defend the lives and property of plebeians against patrician magistrates, they exercised a veto (intercessio) over laws, elections, and the acts of magistrates.

    e. The Early Republic

  • In the early 5th century, the plebeians organized their own assembly, the concilium plebis, whose resolutions, called plebiscita, were binding only on plebeians.

    e. The Early Republic

  • The plebs elected their own officials, tribuni plebis (plebeian tribunes), and two aediles plebis (plebeian aediles), who handled fines imposed by the tribunes or the concilium.

    e. The Early Republic

  • Inter capitolii ruinas stans primum hujus operis scribendi concilium cepit.

    Memoirs of My Life and Writings

  • "I intend to bring a bill before the concilium plebis giving the full Roman citizenship to every man from the Arnus to Rhegium, from the Rubico to Vereium, from the Tuscan Sea to the Adriatic Sea!" said Drusus, shouting now to make himself heard.

    The Grass Crown


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