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  • proper n. A female given name, a diminutive of Isabella and Arabella, by folk etymology interpreted as Italian bella "beautiful".


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  • Yes Bella *looks at Bella* I get that Edward has the looks of a fallen angel:

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  • If Edward was real he would not be the perfect BF he would be a control freek bcas he takes bella away from her friends and tells her who she cant be friends with and a stalker and Bella is just so whiny and selfish makes me want to punch her!

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  • BELLA made Bella jump off a cliff for something fun to do because her love left to protect her!!

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  • Neither why do even read the book if you don't like the MAIN point of the book they are in my oppionion good relationships they care for each other and love ech other but edward and bella go wayy better then Jake and Bella.

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  • It is just plain selfish of him to try and get in between bella. thats one thing I will just never forgive. i love how in Breaking dawn jacob says that Bella really never belonged to him.

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  • Jacib is rude, immature, not handsome, not rich, not a stupid shiny Volvo owner (I don't think Edwards's stupid but, this is what bella said about him in Twilight), and I don't think Bella ould b happy with him.

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  • EDWARD LEFT BELLA!!!! and jacob is much better than edward even Bella said that if vampires and werewolves did not exist then jacob would have been her soul mate

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  • They really need to focus on bella and edward and the volturi since that is where eclipse and breaking dawn go ... but also the bond developed btw Bella and Jake.

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  • I doubt BELLA OR EVEN ESPECIALLY EDWARD REALLY belived eh was that harmful to Bella that they wouldnt have let him into there lives anymore.

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  • I mean Kristen is OK, but she does NOT fit bella and shouldn't have ever gotten the part in the first place, now if I look back at the books and reread a chapter, she totally screws up my mental picture of Bella, UGGGGGG I HATE HER AS BELLA!

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