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  • proper n. A female given name.

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  • n. A genus of moths, of the family Yponomeutidæ.


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Latinate form of French Adèle, short form of Germanic compound names beginning with adal, adel "noble".


  • You mean she's had a note with the word Adela on it the whole time and she's too stupid to Google it?

    Ask Matt: Crime-Show Upheavals, Dancing and Killing and More!

  • I wish you to give me your word Adela may live here with you for as long as she wants, and that you’ll not force a marriage on her, no matter what the circumstances.

    Honor’s Splendour

  • Some pozole recipes call for cooking the corn and the meat separately; however, I prefer the method presented in Adela Fernandez 'La Tradicional Cocina Mexicana.

    Basic White Pozole: Pozole Blanco

  • ‘The girl that was stabbed to death in Loma Grande was called Adela, not Gabriela.’

    A Sweet Scent of Death

  • "She said she believed that Adela -- she called her Adela -- that Adela took the loss of her jewels as a punishment for her sins."

    December Love

  • These meals were good, and washed down with plenty of spirits and water, the two servant-like women and the so-called Adela waiting on the party, everything being a matter of wonder to the prisoner, who stared wildly at the well-dressed, lady-like, girlish creature who busied herself in supplying the wants of the gang of four bricklayer-like men.

    Begumbagh A Tale of the Indian Mutiny

  • They had all called her Adela in that house, and he had learned to do as others did.

    The Bertrams

  • For a negotiable fee, viewers can call Adela and be threatened with violence.

    Anorak News

  • My little helper "Adela" has been ironing all of my little Mexican poncho's and now she is threatening me with the vacuum noise to get off this computer.

    French Word-A-Day:

  • Craven shrank inwardly as he heard Miss Van Tuyn say "Adela," but he only nodded and tried to return adequately the expression in her eyes.

    December Love


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