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  • noun The typical genus of gazels, of the subfamily Gazellinæ. Also called Dorcas.

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  • noun typical gazelles


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  • The Antarctic fur seal (scientific name: Arctocephalus gazella) is one of 16 species of marine mammals in the family of Eared Seals which include sea lions and fur seals.

    Antarctic fur seal

  • Arctocephalus gazella (Peters, 1875) Encyclopedia of Life (accessed April 3, 2009)

    Antarctic fur seal

  • Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii); southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina); and southern fur seal (Arctocephalus gazella).

    Antarctic Peninsula

  • Larger ungulates are scarce in the Namib Desert, with only gemsbok (Oryx gazella LR) and springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis LR) present.

    Namib desert

  • The reserve is managed primarily to conserve rare desert plains species such as Equus hemionus, Gazella gazella, G. subgutturosa and Chlamydotis undulata.

    Central Persian desert basins

  • Today, only smaller herds of gemsbok (Oryx gazella), mountain zebra (Equus zebra), and springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) can still be seen there.

    Biological diversity in the Succulent Karoo

  • New Zealand fur seal (Arctocephalus forsteri), sub-Antarctic fur seal (A. tropicalis) and Antarctic fur seal (A. gazella) are found.

    MacQuarie Island, Australia

  • Small populations of mountain gazelle (Gazella gazella) exist, particularly in the Wadi Sareen Reserve.

    Al Hajar Al Gharbi montane woodlands

  • These include the camelthorn tree, gemsbok (Oryx gazella), sociable weaver (Philetairus socius), and Kalahari lion (Panthera leo).

    Kalahari xeric savanna

  • On the grasslands are eland, lesser kudu Tragelaphus imberbis, roan antelope Hippotragus equines, oribi Oreibia oreibi, Grant's gazelle Gazella granti, hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus, steenbock Raphicerus campestris, topi and oryx Oryx gazella, also buffalo Syncerus caffer.

    Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


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