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  • n. A parrot belonging to any of the five to eight species in the genus Platycercus which is native to Australia and nearby islands.

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  • n. A beautiful Australian parrakeet (Platycercus eximius) often kept as a cage bird. The head and back of the neck are scarlet, the throat is white, the back dark green varied with lighter green, and the breast yellow.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A beautiful Australian parrot, Platycercus eximius, the rose-parrakeet.


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  • I love birds—I have lived with finches and parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds, and a gorgeous red and blue Australian parrot called a crimson rosella—but I had never lived with a whole flock of them.


  • The parrots who came to me later in life—peach-faced lovebirds, two cockatiels, a crimson rosella—preferred female voices to brassy wind instruments, particularly Joni Mitchell.


  • When my sister is away, the house deteriorates – the dining table becomes an art studio, mugs fill with ink and brushes, test prints drift off the writing desk, and the counter is littered with cups of cumquat and rosella tea.

    Calendar, continued

  • Other species include the well-known gang-gang cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum, glossy black cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami, superb lyrebird Menura novaehollandiae, crimson rosella Platycercus elegans, kookaburra Dacelo gigas, and satin bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus.

    Greater Blue Mountains Area, Australia

  • Several other species restricted to Tasmania and Bass Strait Islands also occur here, including the green rosella (Platycercus caledonicus), brown scrubwren (Sericornis humilis), and yellow-throated honeyeater (Lichenostomus flavicollis).

    Tasmanian temperate forests

  • Closed forests are inhabited by three species of arboreal mammals, common ring-tail possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus, common brush-tail possum Trichosurus vulpecula and eastern pygmy-possum Cercartetus nanus, and many birds such as endemic green rosella Platycercus caledonicus and swift parrot Lathamus discolor.

    Tasmanian Wilderness, Australia

  • The outer leaves of the hibiscus flower called the hibiscus calyx/ rosella/ natal sorrel/ karkadé is commonly used in many parts of the world to make hot and cold infusions.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Because it's been a few days without a parrot picture, and because this little cutie keeps visiting the tree outside my office window, I bring you my new friend, the eastern rosella:

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • Fumbling Towards Geekdom: A rosella just ate out of my hand for the first time

    A rosella just ate out of my hand for the first time

  • A rosella just ate out of my hand for the first time

    A rosella just ate out of my hand for the first time


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