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  • noun A wartlike growth on the skin or mucous membrane, usually in the area of the anus or the external genital organs.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun In pathology, an excrescence, either syphilitic or non-syphilitic, found about the anus or the organs of generation in either sex.

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  • noun (Med.) A wartlike new growth on the outer skin or adjoining mucous membrane.

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  • noun pathology A wartlike growth on the skin or a mucous membrane, caused by HPV virus, usually occurring in the genital area.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[Greek kondulōma, from kondulos, knuckle.]


  • Genital warts are low grade growths known as condyloma acuminata.


  • It is also sued to treat familial Mediterranean fever, Bechet's syndrome and condyloma acuminata.

    Colchicine Poisoning

  • You need not be surprised that there is no discharge of blood when you remove the condyloma, for neither, if you cut off the hands or legs at the articulations will there be any flow of blood; but if you cut them off above or below the joints, you will find there hollow veins which pour out blood, and you will have difficulty in stopping the bleeding.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • If, then, the condyloma below the cover be of a soft nature, bring it away with the finger, for there is no more difficulty in this than in skinning a sheep, to pass the finger between the hide and the flesh.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • Forgetting AIDS for the time being, syphilis, HPV, condyloma etc are extremely prevalent in promiscuous gays.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Sinner Casts Stone:

  • When the condyloma is taken off, streaks of blood necessarily flow from the whole of the torn part.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • It must be speedily washed with a decoction of galls, in a dry wine, and the bleeding vein will disappear along with the condyloma, and its cover will be replaced.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • But if the condyloma be higher up, you must examine it with the speculum, and you should take care not to be deceived by the speculum; for when expanded, it renders the condyloma level with the surrounding parts, but when contracted, it shows the tumor right again.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • In the same manner, the bleeding vein in the anus, if you cut it above or below the point of separation of the condyloma, will pour forth blood; but if you take away the condyloma at its junction (with the natural parts?) there will be no flow of blood.

    On Hemorrhoids

  • Another method: - There grows upon the bleeding condyloma, a protuberance like the fruit of the mulberry, and if the condyloma be far without, an envelope of flesh is adherent to it.

    On Hemorrhoids


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