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  • n. The complete description of the structural connectivity of an organism's nervous system.


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From connect +‎ -ome.


  • Even in the current speculative realm, the connectome is a fascinating, occasionally frustrating, subject.

    The Ultimate Brain Quest

  • At the moment, researchers are working to build such a map, called a "connectome," of mouse brains, which are far less complex than human ones.

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  • The connectome is a product of your genes and your experiences.

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  • The work .. not only provides a comprehensive map of brain connections the brain "connectome", but also describes a novel application of a non-invasive technique that can be used by other scientists to continue mapping the trillions of neural connections in the brain at even greater resolution, which is becoming a new field of science termed "connectomics."

    Mapping the Core

  • Echoing the aims of the Human Genome Project the authors argue that a detailed 'connectome' is needed to fully understand how different areas of the human brain interconnect.

    Mind Hacks: October 2005 Archives

  • I've called the set of all these functions or powers of the brain the "teleome" a name that emphasizes the unabashed teleology that's required to truly make sense of the brain, and is simultaneously designed to razz the "-ome" buzzwords like 'genome' and 'connectome'.

    Mark Changizi, Ph.D.: Artificial Brains: Not in This Century

  • The institute plans to link the brain atlas to data assembled through the connectome project.

    Probing the Brain's Mysteries

  • The field is so new that it didn't have a name until 1995, when Indiana University neuroscientist Olaf Sporns dubbed the nervous system's tangle of cells and synapses the "connectome" pronounced connect-tome.

    Probing the Brain's Mysteries

  • The information thus contained in your connectome is what sets you apart from everyone else, what describes your unique personality.

    The Ultimate Brain Quest

  • Yet the widespread use of pharmaceutical agents such as Prozac and Ritalin suggests otherwise—that knowing the connectome is unlikely to tell us all we need to know about a person's thoughts, feelings, opinions and personality.

    The Ultimate Brain Quest


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  • "In 2005, Dr. Olaf Sporns at Indiana University and Dr. Patric Hagmann at Lausanne University Hospital independently and simultaneously suggested the term "connectome" to refer to a map of the neural connections within the brain. This term was directly inspired by the ongoing effort to sequence the human genetic code—to build a genome."


    July 31, 2012