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  • adj. Intended to compensate for immoderate developments in a business cycle: a countercyclical federal aid program.

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  • adj. Moving in the opposite direction as the overall state of an economy
  • adj. Dampening the cyclical fluctuations of an economy.


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From counter- +‎ cyclical.


  • In particular, Norm Ornstein has a piece in today's WaPo that presents the classic liberal position against requiring the federal government to balance its budget: A sagging economy requires what we call countercyclical policy, stimulus to counter a downturn and provide a boost…. Top headlines

  • Thank you Norm for lowering yourself to our level long enough to explain "what we call countercyclical policy." Top headlines

  • DTM: I agree – I think that making our capital requirements countercyclical is super important and a low cost way to do a lot of good.

    Matthew Yglesias » Regulating Leverage is More Important than Regulating Bubbles

  • I agree, not just for the knee-jerk, visceral reactions it might incite from people who don't like typical "stimulus" policies, but because it's somewhat inaccurate and pretty insufficient in describing short-term countercyclical fiscal policy even among economists who support such policies.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • The government has undertaken renewed efforts to establish a stable macroeconomic environment in the nation through the implementation of short-term countercyclical policies, while establishing conditions for robust, sustainable growth.

    Forex - Forex News

  • And if you make them countercyclical, that is even better.

    Matthew Yglesias » Regulating Leverage is More Important than Regulating Bubbles

  • Negotiators left to the discretion of national regulators the issue of how and whether to implement a so-called countercyclical capital buffer.

    Banks Get New Restraints

  • Under its proposed new regulatory framework, the FSA would impose so-called countercyclical capital requirements, which rise during good times and fall during downturns so that banks don't have to cut back on lending precisely when the economy needs them the most.

    U.K. and Germany Call for Tougher Regulation of Banks

  • Separately, the EU's top financial regulator, Charlie McCreevy, made a speech throwing his weight behind the idea -- supported by other regulators -- for European banks to boost so-called countercyclical capital requirements, in which they build up more substantial capital buffers in good times so they can draw on the reserves in bad times.

    U.K. Group Calls for More Bank Oversight in Europe

  • Gasaway said another way his fund has held up better than peers during the recent recession is by investing in so-called countercyclical companies, firms that actually do reasonably well in a downturn.

    Business and financial news -


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