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  • n. The science that deals with measurement.
  • n. A system of measurement.

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  • n. The science of weights and measures or of measurement.
  • n. A system of weights and measures.

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  • n. The science of, or a system of, weights and measures; also, a treatise on the subject.

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  • n. The science of weights and measures.

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  • n. the scientific study of measurement


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French métrologie, from Greek metrologiā, theory of ratios : metron, measure; see mē-2 in Indo-European roots + -logiā, -logy.

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From Ancient Greek μέτρον (metron, "measure") + -logy.


  • In science, he is famous for many developments in metrology, astronomy and seismology.

    Lippmann's and Gabor's Revolutionary Approach to Imaging

  • In fact, metrology is concerned with nothing less than finding a method of being able to control the constancy of the international prototype metre, the basis of the whole metric system, so accurately that not only will every change, however small, which could possibly occur in it be accurately measured, but also if the prototype were entirely lost, it could nevertheless be reproduced so exactly that no microscope could ever reveal any divergence from the original prototype.

    Nobel Prize in Physics 1907 - Presentation Speech

  • No there is a a whole branch of science called metrology (not meteorology) devoted to instrument calibration as has been correctly pointed out.


  • Pyramid with a system of metrology which is supposed to have left strong traces in the systems of modern times; showing the Egyptians to have had good approximate knowledge of the dimensions of the earth, and of the quadrature of the circle.

    A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II)

  • Nanometrics 'product range addresses various semiconductor manufacturing processes such as metrology, photoluminescence mapping, CMP, CVD, lithography and etch.

    Fabtech - News

  • Orders for "metrology" tools were up 27% sequentially, while the company said new orders for tools for storage equipment were "still weak," but nevertheless were up 147% from the prior quarter, reflecting the bounce back in the disk drive market.


  • Dr. Phillips and other mandarins of metrology were gathered at Britain's Royal Society to debate an urgent question in the science of measurement — how to re-define the basic unit of mass, as well as other measurements such as the second, ampere, kelvin and mole.

    The Fate of the Kilo Weighs Heavily on the Minds of Metrologists

  • His research interests are in electroanalytical chemistry and chemometrics and metrology, but he also does a sideline in expert opinion, scientific fraud and presenting science to the public.

    Contributor: Brynn Hibbert

  • This spring, in what he called “a triumph of metrology,” Dr. Riess announced that he and his comrade, Lucas Macri of Texas A&M University, had used the Hubble Space Telescope to make the newest and most precise measurement yet of this parameter.

    How Big Is The Universe? Scientists Close To Finding Out | Disinformation

  • His response to that is unsurprising, of course, because he's worked in the field of metrology for almost twenty years and readily acknowledges that if you were to measure the circumference of a circle with the equipment they had back then, you'd get approximately three.

    Does Being Exist?


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