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  • v. Present participle of cream.
  • n. a cookery technique in which fat and sugar are mixed together with the incorporation of air to form a cream

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  • n. The formation of cream; the rising of any liquid in cream or foam.
  • n. An artificial or mechanical process for separating cream from milk.


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  • This phenomenon is called creaming, and for millennia it was the natural first step toward obtaining fat-enriched cream and butter from milk.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • "Whenever an opportunity arises we do purchase some dollars in the market - its a policy that we call creaming off," he said.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Preuss, have been criticized for "creaming" -- gathering the students whose parents are already the most interested in their schooling and therefore already poised to succeed.

    NEWS updates from

  • In their opinion, this helps spread the fishing pressure and tends to hold down the practice of "creaming" -- throwing smaller fish back in hopes of catching larger triploids for a limit. Local, Sports, Business and Entertainment News

  • And at that size, there are good reasons to think that the Public Option would become a dumping ground for what health care policy types call "creaming" -- health insurers wanting to maintain pools of the young and the healthy and dump responsibility for the aged and chronically ill on to public programs or on to nothing at all.

    Talking Points Memo

  • It's more difficult to talk about an even tougher problem: the "creaming" of the most motivated students into restructured schools.

    John Thompson: Turning Around the Administration's Turnaround Policy

  • For one thing, it highlights the fact that top institutions often rely on "creaming" — admitting only the best of the best, who then, unsurprisingly, do well.

    Dumb Money

  • I always find that any reference to a woman "creaming" (unless it's being said derisively) puts me off and throws me out of the story... because (I kid you not), it always throws me back to crude comments a certain highschool boy we both knew and didn't get on with used to make.


  • Because the federal government paid training providers for their services when they met certain outcomes, widespread "creaming" occurred by the program operators. Main RSS Feed

  • All Encap products are available in convenient to use powdered form, allowing for streamlined processing from all dry mix ingredients and the elimination of a "creaming" step to incorporate a shortening.

    Food IngredientsFIrst News


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  • "Brominated vegetable oil, called BVO for short, is made by adding bromine across the double bonds of certain fatty acids in vegetable oil, usually soybean oil. Like plain vegetable oil, BVO does a good job of dissolving water-insoluble food flavour, fragrance and colouring agents, serving as a carrier for these agents in soft drinks, which are mostly water. Neither plain vegetable oil or BVO is water soluble, but we can make oil/water emulsions, dispersing tiny droplets of flavour-carrying oil throughout a soda solution.

    "But why use BVO when plain ol’ vegetable oil could work? Density. Over time, gravity does its job and the emulsion breaks down, causing the oil and water to separate. If a plain vegetable oil is used, the oil fraction – which contains those all-important flavouring agents – would float to the top. Food scientists call this ‘creaming’."

    -- From "Brominated vegetable oil" by Raychelle Burks (

    July 28, 2017