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  • n. Informal One, such as a spider, insect, or worm, that crawls.
  • n. Informal A sensation of fear, repugnance, or nervous agitation.

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  • n. Any small crawling animal such as a spider, insect or worm.
  • n. an automated suction pool cleaner.

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  • n. an animal that creeps or crawls (such as worms or spiders or insects)
  • adj. causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Kreepy Krauly, brand name, from Etymology 1


  • The epic "Little People Black City" cycled through 10 minutes of mood swings - from lush synthesizer-driven romance, to skeletal machine-funk - but at its emotional crest, the audience swaying along, Dear's desires got kind of creepy-crawly.

    With real name, Dear brings the freaky

  • It came in a steady flood from Fang to me and, through me, to all the creepy-crawly things I could hurl at the ground and at the concrete, at the brick, and at the stone.


  • Cut me a little slack, however, as the setting for this novel is set almost entirely withing the confines of a condemned hotel along the Jersey shore, with enough creepy-crawly critters stirring within it's walls to put you on edge.

    Book Review: "Creepers" by David Morrell

  • From New York to Los Angeles, the little, nighttime, creepy-crawly bloodsuckers have been moving beyond household digs, spreading their wings so to speak, as they are wingless, flightless critters to hotels, movie theaters, offices, department stores.

    Bill Chameides: Is Propoxur the Way to Not Let the Bedbugs Bite?

  • Check it out, but beware, some of it is a very tiny bit creepy-crawly, for those of you with delicate stomachs.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • From the mighty to the minuscule, the cute and cuddly to the creepy-crawly, amazing adventures await budding young explorers with the Smithsonian Networks Kids Pack, available on DVD today from Infinity Entertainment Group.

    Giveaway — Smithsonian Networks Kids Pack

  • A handful of soil contains tens of billions of creepy-crawly microorganisms.

    Maria Rodale: I Bet You Don't Know Jack about Dirt!

  • "Some people found it creepy-crawly, and others were fascinated," Bleiman said.

    All together now: Awwwwwwwwwww

  • It was the gnawing in his gut that gave it away, that creepy-crawly upset in the pre-dawn darkness.

    Rick Horowitz: Obama and His Base: Disillusioned, Yet Again

  • Could I sneak into the Gehennas theater before tonights first show, avoid Madrigal and his creepy-crawly assistants, and do something about Margie?

    Dancing with Werewolves


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