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  • n. Plural form of cubic.


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  • There is logarithms although that is printed tables and also the contest between Tartaglia and Fior, where Tartaglia developed a new method of solving cubics, and won 30 dinners from Fior.

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  • The part passing through Serbia should be 450 kilometres (270 miles), with capacity of at least 20 billion cubics of gas per year.

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  • "Some people (are) even wanting to mix diamonds with cubics (cubic zirconia) so it would not be completely ungenuine."


  • Discuss intersection of conic sections, plane cubics, etc.

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  • Two cubics-exaggerated Chebyshev polynomials to show all the kinks-tilted relative to each other, and showing nine intersections.

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  • Curves of genus 1 as smooth plane cubics homogenous degree 3 (also called "cubic") polynomial in three variables, such that at no point all the three derivatives of f are simultaneously zero, then the nus (E) − 1 = − 2 + 4 / 2 = 0 is a smooth algebraic curve of genus 1, and instead, and the intersection is to be understood with multiplicities.

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  • "(Chorus of screams and laughter from children who can factorise cubics before lunch.)

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  • a while back I worked at a meat+fish counter at a supermarket. One day a man with a distinct accent I could nevertheless place no more specifically than maybe South Asian, came and requested a cut of halibut. Cuts, rather: he wanted it coarsely diced. What he actually asked was that it be cut into "cubics" and repeated this word several times to ensure I understood. I always wondered if it was usage particular to some variant flavor of english, rather than a one-off malapropism

    April 30, 2015