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  • n. a univalent functional group, -CN, consisting of a carbon and a nitrogen atom joined with a triple bond; organic compounds containing a cyano group are nitriles

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  • n. The radical CNO contained in cyanic acid.


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  • Paramedics will be carrying now a kit used in France, it is called a cyano kit to treat the poison.

    CNN Transcript Dec 28, 2006

  • I would be lying if I said that is always the case, for instance his B12 spray is cyanocobalamin and hypothyroid people do not assimilate the "cyano" form and are better taking the "methyl" form, so I don't buy Mercola B12.

    Kris InSight

  • It very well may have had a cyano group in it somewhere.

    Ceci n’est pas une molécule : Bev Vincent

  • Ages ago, cyano requested a poem about the 45-foot long fossil snake Titanoboa cerrejonensis.

    APED: "titanoboa pop song"

  • We report the carbon monoxide-dependent formation of carbon-fixation products, including an ordered series of alpha-hydroxy and alpha-amino acids of the general formula R-CHA-COOH (where R is H, CH3, C2H5, orHOCH2 and A is OH or NH2) by carbon fixation at 80 degrees to 120 degrees C, catalyzed by nickel or nickel, iron precipitates with carbonyl, cyano, and methylthio ligands as carbon sources, with or without sulfido ligands.

    Dawkins on the OOL

  • Such symptoms are common with the alpha cyano compounds (deltamethrin and lambdacyhalothrin etc.) and are rare with permethrin.

    5. Implementation

  • These belong to the sub-group of pyrethroids with an alpha-cyano group in the molecular structure.

    4. Planning

  • With the other alpha-cyano compounds, e.g. cyfluthrin and alphacypermethrin, the preliminary observations suggest that these are no different to the other alpha-cyano pyrethroids.

    4. Planning

  • These are potentially hazardous because they contain cyano groups.

    5 Uses

  • There followed directly an explanation of the observed great instability of the molecule to light and cyanide ions -- instability which had led to the failure of earlier investigations to recognise its existence and to isolate, in its place, cyano-cobalamin.

    Nobel Lecture The X-Ray Analysis Of Complicated Molecules


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