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  • n. The registration of a well-known brand or company name as an Internet domain name in the hope of selling it at a later date


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  • The obvious solution to cybersquatting is to not let it happen in the first place.

    Don’t Let Cybersquatters Steal Your Name : Law is Cool

  • This type of use is called cybersquatting, which, as defined by a 1999 federal statute, involves registering or using a domain name with the bad-faith intent to profit from a trademark belonging to someone else.

    Daniel Grant: Q. What's In a Name? A. Your Artistic Identity

  • A more sinister extension of cybersquatting is phishing – posing as a third party to obtain confidential information such as passwords.

    Privacy and .ca : Law is Cool

  • With respect to 'cybersquatting' - The Speaker investigated, particularly concerned about allegations of tampering with his official site.

    The Speaker has Spoken - "Welcome to 2005"

  • Could you not have come up with a different domain name that used all three of the major extensions --. net,. com and. org -- thus avoiding "cybersquatting" -- or at least spent some of that oil money to purchase the. com version from its current owner?

  • Mr. Brumberg accused Mr. LaVerghetta of "cybersquatting" purchasing Internet domain names of his opponents.

    Hot, Obscure GOP Battle

  • Meanwhile, USA Today reports that St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, who has also fallen victim to social media identity theft and has sued Twitter, claiming damage resulting from "cybersquatting" and misappropriation of his name, has now dropped his lawsuit.

    Robert Siciliano: Sarah Palin Victim of Social Media Identity Theft, LaRussa Drops Suit

  • The incidents are reminiscent of "cybersquatting" in the early days of the Internet, when people registered Internet domains of well-known companies and sometimes demanded payments to relinquish them.

    Companies Cope With Twitter Imposters

  • Verizon Communications Inc. said it has been awarded $33.2 million in a "cybersquatting" case against a San Francisco company that registered Internet domain names purposely similar to the telecommunications giant's trademarks.

    Verizon Wins Suit Over Internet Addresses

  • "These increases confirm that 'cybersquatting' remains a significant issue for rights holders," said Francis Gurry,

    Domain-Name Complaints Rise


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