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  • n. An artificial hybrid cell produced by introducing nuclear material from one organism into a cell (of the same or different species) from which the nucleus has been removed


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From cytoplasmic + hybrid


  • Most of the scientists I speak to who have got experience in this field say the so-called "cybrid", the laboratory construct, is almost certainly not capable of being implanted and grown.

    Archbishop answers stimulating questions at Westminster School

  • Both storylines are related through a second 'cybrid' based on the poet Keats, who is telepathically linked to Brawne Lamia, one of the pilgrims on Hyperion, and has also been called into the advise the CEO.

    The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons

  • "cybrid" cells, dashing hopes of a limitless supply from this source

    New Scientist - Earth

  • I'd also add the Keats cybrid, Het Masteen and Paul Dure to the list.

    Hyperion Film Gets A Director

  • I'll say this: the synopsis sounds like typical genre fare: security guy's security wife dies in an "accident" on Mars and he spends years trying to find out what happened to her, meeting a hot cybrid chick who holds the secret to his wife's death in her head, yadda yadda.

    Book Update

  • And, oddly enough, while I'm not nearly so exotic as to get implants that turn me into a bestiarial hybrid hey, and with the techno-bits, you could be a hybrid-cybrid!...

    Some Medieval Tidbits

  • And as everyone watched, distracted, Dorn suddenly broke away from the men holding her and launched herself at the cybrid with a scream.


  • But if it does, remember this: That cybrid bitch is mine.


  • As Katana got up, wiping her face with the back of her hand, Riker heard the high-pitched sound of disruptor cycling, and the cybrid suddenly became wreathed in light.


  • “You owe me three,” the cybrid replied, glancing down at the bodies at her feet.



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  • cytoplasm

    June 21, 2007

  • In other words, a human-animal hybrid. (Or, in the novels of Dan Simmons, an artificial intelligence in a human body.)

    June 21, 2007