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  • n. A long gown or surcoat, cut off in front, worn in the Middle Ages, sometimes embroidered or interwoven with gold.
  • n. A rich stuff from which such gowns were made.

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  • n. A long gown or surcoat (cut off in front), worn in the Middle Ages. It was sometimes embroidered or interwoven with gold. Also, a rich stuff from which the gown was made.

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  • n. An upper tunic of ornamental character worn by women under the Roman empire, and assumed by some emperors considered effeminate, as Caligula.
  • n. An outer garment similar to the surcoat, apparently circular in form, worn in the fourteenth century, especially by women.
  • n. [capitalized] The typical genus of mollusks of the family Cycladidœ, or Sphœriidœ, having the shell equivalve, thin, ventricose, with external ligament and thick horny epidermis. The species are numerous in fresh water. Also called Sphœrium.


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Compare ciclatoun.


  • Used loosely in early glossaries as a rendering of L. anabola, cyclas, peplum, ricinum. a1100 Aldhelm Gloss.

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  • South of the armory of Westminster Palace lay the gardens, and here, on the third day following the King's affront to De Vac, might have been a seen a black-haired woman gowned in a violet cyclas, richly embroidered with gold about the yoke and at the bottom of the loose-pointed sleeves, which reached almost to the similar bordering on the lower hem of the garment.

    The Outlaw of Torn

  • Hosen, shirts, cyclas, and under-jupons are in the brown basket on the left side of the mule.

    The White Company

  • So close was it that the point ripped a gash in the jutting edge of his linen cyclas.

    The White Company

  • She had seen glances hot with wine and lust, claspings of hands, loosened cyclas, and more lascivious reclinings.

    The Lion's Brood

  • In an instant, he was up and beside her; his hand had roughly grasped her shoulder, half tearing away the cyclas; his little eyes blazed with vindictive fury; his nostrils dilated; his coarse lips writhed in hungry passion.

    The Lion's Brood

  • A slender, vine-work design, embroidered in gold, bordered the cyclas, and it was in arranging so that the course of this would form harmonious lines, wherein the skill and difficulty of the task mainly lay.

    The Lion's Brood

  • Last, the head tirewoman herself came to perform what was, after the hair-dressing, the most delicate of all these operations -- the adjustment of the cyclas or over-robe, a garment of the finest texture and of a shade known as wax-colour, through which the tint and ornamentation of the palla produced an effect of inimitable beauty.

    The Lion's Brood

  • One of these latter was assigned to Marcia's aid, but a few touches to her hair and a slight readjustment of the cyclas were all that was needed.

    The Lion's Brood


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  • With Christmas at last put to bed

    Her costume was happily shed;

    Then Mrs Saint Nich’las

    Put on her white cyclas

    And banned from the house all that’s red.

    March 10, 2019