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  • adj. Used to describe the number of edges that must be removed from a graph to ensure that no graph cycle remains; equal to the number of edges, minus the number of nodes plus one.
  • adj. Used to describe the number of circuits in a network; equal to the number of edges, minus the number of nodes plus the number of graphs.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Of or pertaining to a cycle or cycles.


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  • Second, because no matter how much tests you have, cyclomatic complexity will always get you in the most inappropriate times.

    Reflective Surface - Archives: 2009 February

  • The closest thing that I can think of that comes close to whatever “structural complexity of algorithms” means is cyclomatic complexity, which I never touched on.

    Cosmos . . . Edited for Rednecks - The Panda's Thumb

  • In this tip we will start out with a simple example of cyclomatic complexity to understand the concept quickly then give some additional information on actual usage and suggested limits.

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  • At a high level, we determine the value of cyclomatic complexity by counting the number of decisions made in our source code.

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  • Essentially, with cyclomatic complexity, higher numbers are "bad" and lower numbers are "good".

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  • We use cyclomatic complexity to get a sense of how hard any given code may be to test, maintain, or troubleshoot as well as an indication of how likely the code will be to produce errors.

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  • Notice the cyclomatic complexity is at 2 the lowest value possible.

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  • If I add a decision, the cyclomatic complexity value goes up by 1:

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  • As with many metrics in our industry, there is no exact cyclomatic complexity limit that fits all organizations.

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  • When working with code metrics, one of the least understood items seems to be cyclomatic complexity.

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