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  • adj. Believing or showing the belief that people are motivated chiefly by base or selfish concerns; skeptical of the motives of others: a cynical dismissal of the politician's promise to reform the campaign finance system.
  • adj. Selfishly or callously calculating: showed a cynical disregard for the safety of his troops in his efforts to advance his reputation.
  • adj. Negative or pessimistic, as from world-weariness: a cynical view of the average voter's intelligence.
  • adj. Expressing jaded or scornful skepticism or negativity: cynical laughter.

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  • adj. of or relating to the belief that human actions are motivated only or primarily by base desires or selfishness.
  • adj. skeptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others.
  • adj. bitterly or jadedly distrustful or contemptuous; mocking.
  • adj. showing contempt for accepted moral standards by one's actions.
  • adj. like the actions of a snarling dog.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Same as cynic, 3.
  • Having or showing a disposition to disbelieve in or doubt the sincerity or value of social usages or of personal character, motives, or doings, and to express or intimate the disbelief or doubt by sarcasm, satire, sneers, or other in-direction; captious; carping; sarcastic; satirical: as, a cynical remark; a cynical smile.
  • Synonyms Pessimistic, etc. (see misanthropic), morose, sarcastic, satirical, carping, censorious, snappish, waspish.

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  • adj. believing the worst of human nature and motives; having a sneering disbelief in e.g. selflessness of others


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Originated 1580–90 from cynic+-al.



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  • Antonyms of cynical are optimistic, positive, trusting

    January 14, 2012