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  • "The word feminism has become synonymous with the idea of man-hating when in fact it has more to do with women than men," she wrote, using the example of Christine Lagarde, the former French finance minister who became the first female head of the International Monetary Fund.

    Magda Abu-Fadil: Arab Editor Aysha Taryam Slams Indifference

  • The idea that women dress provocatively is a terribly pessimistic view of masculinity and maleness, and a far more pessimistic view than so-called man-hating feminists like myself are supposed to have.

    The Guardian World News

  • They are not man-hating; they are just on a cuse like the Mahatma Ghandi's and the Mandela's of this world.

    Interview Thursday: " I fight with my head and not my fists or mouth" - Poeticallytinted

  • Puccini's final opera is about the man-hating Chinese queen Turandot, and Calaf, the man who finally melts her icy heart.

    Top 50 operas

  • We went from a man-hating, pretentious outsider with mommy-issues to a woman that can accept her role in the universe as a warrior, protector and friend.

    Comically Challenged: Power Girl #7 « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more

  • Had a female novelist paraded all the revolting men that one encounters in Les Célibataires (The Bachelors, 1934) — “his greasy, dandruff-spattered head … exuding a powerful odour of ill-kept male” — she would have been accused of man-hating.

    Monster of Marriage

  • Thaler denied that she is a member of the man-hating school of female poets whose most noteworthy member is Sylvia Plath.

    Men Go to Great Lengths to Woo Reclusive Poetess

  • Alan Oke is her wheelchair-bound husband; Gerald Finley is her sleazy lawyer turned lover; and Susan Bickley is her man-hating mother, the only character with anything approaching a moral compass.

    Anna Nicole - review

  • When you sniff that "Susan Bickley is her man-hating mother, the only character with anything approaching a moral compass" you sound like a Edwardian maiden aunt with the vapours.

    Anna Nicole - review

  • The myth of the angry not to mention ugly, hairy, man-hating and utterly humorless feminist lives on.

    Barbara & Shannon Kelley: I'm Not Mad!


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  • P_U, were you looking for after-broadside voice, or perhaps cape horn voice?

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  • Snap! There goes my spelling again, out the window. I wonder how I could have possibly gotten that wrong, maybe something to do with my lousy pronunciation?


    Oops. It's Foxy's statistician hat. Sorry Foxy.

    P.S. Funny picture.

    November 30, 2009

  • 'What's a "statician"?', asked sionnach the statistician, foxily.

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  • Someone please put a hat on that guy.

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  • Righty-ho! Now let's work on using spasming, gainsaid and far-shining in the same context!

    November 30, 2009

  • man-hating is not a word, it's a hyphenated word, and the synonyms manhood, misanthropic, and virility listed here aren't really synonyms of it at all.

    November 30, 2009