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  • n. A type of dance associated with dancehall, where dancer simulate dry sex to the musical beat.


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  • This week we asked the man / woman in the street if they knew what the word daggering meant and if it should be …

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  • I think the word daggering is simple creativity which speaks of the boldness of our Caribbean culture. '

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  • 'I'm not exactly sure what the word daggering means but I know it relates to sexual movements.

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  • I think that the word daggering should be taken out of songs before they are released in Guyana. '

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  • I absolutely feel that the word daggering and many others like it should be taken out of songs.

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  • I think this was the right thing and if the word daggering promotes sex in a demeaning way then I think it should be taken out of the songs before they're released here. '

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  • I'm not big on Soca but the songs that contain the word daggering are very popular so it's very hard not to have heard it.

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  • This week we asked the man / woman in the street if they knew what the word daggering meant and if it should be edited from songs before they were released in Guyana.

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  • Doctors have reported that the number of such cases has skyrocketed in a year after a rise in so-called "daggering". n their opinion, the injuries occur during the fast, rough intercourse and can even cause permanent damage. News Feed

  • London, Apr 16: A bizarre sex craze has landed many Jamaican men in hospitals, after they got their willies fractured while indulging in a fast and rough intercourse, called "daggering". News Feed


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  • If we had to pick which Wordie posted a comment containing "groin-locked couples enact rapid-speed dry-humping", would anyone have picked Bilby?

    May 27, 2009

  • "The storm began brewing when a series of daggering hits gained widespread airplay, such as Aidonia's ultra-explicit 'Hundred Stab,' Spice's 'Check Mi Fi The Daggering,' and 'Dagga Dat' by Bragga. To the uninitiated, daggering is a super-lewd 'dance' that leaves little to the imagination, in which groin-locked couples enact rapid-speed dry-humping. Daggering dancers basically enact simulated sex, since the term is roughly the Caribbean equivalent to 'cabin stabbing'."

    - David Katz, No Rough Sex Please, We’re Jamaican, Mojo blog, 16 March 2009.

    Note: Urban Dictionary has cabin stabbing as cabin stabbin'.

    May 26, 2009