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  • n. A small cooking mold.
  • n. A dish, as of vegetables, fish, custard, or pastry, that is cooked and served in a small mold.

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  • n. A dessert consisting of puff pastry filled with almond cream, baked in an oven.

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  • n. A crustade.
  • n. A shell or cup of pastry filled with custard, whipped cream, crushed macaroons, etc.

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  • n. A French cheese-cake.


Middle English dariol, from Old French dariole, a small, filled pastry, alteration of dialectal doriole, from dorer, to gild; see dory2.
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  • A dariole is a small straight-sided tin mould, holding rather less than a gill.

    Choice Cookery

  • Pour the mixture into ramekins or dariole moulds, cover and chill for eight hours or overnight.

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's jelly recipes

  • It wanted to turn when Luz watched Trisha biting into one of the cream-filled brandy snaps, so she was careful not to look at Rob when he helped himself to a cream dariole, a custard tart topped with red currant jelly and whipped cream.

    The Glory Game

  • Recovering, he set aside his Haviland plate with the half-eaten cream dariole and dabbed at his mouth with the linen napkin.

    The Glory Game

  • Put a little butter and grated Parmesan and two tablespoonsful of cream in a fireproof dish, cut out the semolina paste with a small dariole mould and put it in the dish.

    The Cook's Decameron: a study in taste, containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes

  • When cold cut into shapes with a dariole mould and fry for a few minutes in butter, then turn the darioles out, scoop out a little of each and fill it with eggs beaten up, cover each with a slice of truffle and garnish with a little chopped tongue.

    The Cook's Decameron: a study in taste, containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes

  • Make a good risotto, and when cooked pour it into a fireproof dish, let it get cold, and then cut it out with a dariole mould, or else form it into little balls about the size of a pigeon's egg.

    The Cook's Decameron: a study in taste, containing over two hundred recipes for Italian dishes

  • Butter thickly nine dariole moulds, line them neatly with quenelle meat, [114-*] of which you will require half a pound, fill the centre carefully with the mixed chicken, cover the top carefully with quenelle meat, and steam for twenty minutes; dish on a circle of spinach, pour béchamel sauce over and round, fill the centre of the dish with peas or mixed vegetables.

    Choice Cookery

  • _ -- For these dariole moulds are needed, or the small fire-proof china soufflée cases which imitate paper may be used.

    Choice Cookery

  • Put a bird in each, breast downward; put the dariole moulds in a pan with a little water, and set it in the oven for fifteen minutes; when cold, turn out the birds, wipe them, dip each in brown _chaudfroid_ sauce, and put them on a dish to cool.

    Choice Cookery


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  • dariole only golden meals should be cooked in this mold (mode)

    January 14, 2007