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  • n. The ability to be deducted, such as from one's taxes


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deductible +‎ -ity


  • Tax deductibility is a lot more valuable to someone in the 39% tax bracket than someone who doesn't even pay federal income taxes.

    Health Care Cynicism, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • These big players can hire big smart tax lawyers and the interest deductions from corporate income taxes has cost our coffers billions of dollars. 1 noted recently in Ronald Reagan's tax reform they are somewhat clipping the takeover wings because the interest deductibility is not as open ended as it was, something 1 call for in the solutions of my book.

    Controlling Interest: Who Owns Canada?

  • Congress could encourage such donations by allowing the company to deduct the full value of the newspaper as a charitable contribution, creating a special exception to the current ceiling on corporate gift deductibility, which is 10% of taxable income.

    Newspapers as charities, utilities, infrastructure « BuzzMachine

  • It also explains a couple of the positions mentioned in the comparison that seemed to me: such as deductibility of health insurance, a "given" in most states.

    Jim Doyle vs. Mark Green.

  • It suggested two solutions: eliminate the deductibility of interest payments, which would be politically fraught, or create some kind of deductibility for the notional cost of equity financing.

    the alpha and omega

  • States will face even higher interest rates if the president's proposed limit on the deductibility of state and municipal bond interest income to help pay for the jobs plan is enacted.

    A Blue-State Bailout in Disguise

  • (Would you like to lay odds that the tax-deductibility of philanthropic donations to arts organizations comes under renewed scrutiny in the next few years — without a corresponding boost in governmental support?)

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • This includes mortgage interest deductibility for two residences of up to $1 million apiece.

    Diane Francis: Bush-wacked Americans

  • But here's a wiseguy whose theory of deductibility went a little too far.

    Jack Bog's Blog: September 2009 Archives

  • Additionally, we provided expedited tax deductibility to encourage charitable contributions to humanitarian efforts, and extended and expanded trade preferences to help jumpstart Haiti's manufacturing industry and generate sorely needed jobs.

    Rep. Barbara Lee: Haitian Priorities Must Drive International Reconstruction Efforts


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