from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The method or practice of hunting deer by stealing upon them unawares; still-hunting.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun The hunting of deer on foot, by stealing upon them unawares.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun The hunting of deer on foot, by stealing upon them unawares.

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  • noun stalking deer


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

deer +‎ stalking


  • But after all it will probably prove a false alarm, for this is not the time of year for deerstalking; and I dare say the noise they heard was made by a party of people coming up the valley below to see the waterfall, which is famous in the neighborhood.

    Chatterbox Stories of Natural History

  • They ought to give good sport -- better sport, he should imagine, than deerstalking.

    Major Vigoureux

  • It was he who had devised the conveniences of the camp, and who delicately and skilfully prepared the meals so that the two fared like epicures; while Puttany did the scullery-work, and was superior only at deerstalking.

    The Cursed Patois From "Mackinac And Lake Stories", 1899

  • They had to wait for a full half-hour, though, before they could be satisfied that there was a third person in the boat -- all doubt being set at rest by The Mackhai fetching his binocular, whose general use was for deerstalking, but by whose help he was able to see that the third party in the boat was a stern-looking, dark, middle-aged man, who might very well be the doctor.

    Three Boys or the Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai

  • We've loads of furs here and plenty of deerstalking, not to mention galloping on horseback on the plains in summer and dog - sledging in the winter.

    The Young Fur Traders

  • I was an old hunter, and had some knowledge of "woodcraft," gathered in deerstalking, and in the pursuit of other game, among my native hills.

    The Quadroon Adventures in the Far West

  • Under the new draft guidelines, marksmen would have to hold a top level deerstalking licence, and would also have to undergo training on the specifics of killing badgers with a single shot, and on potential public safety ramifications.

    BBC News - Home

  • Posted in other leading irradiation moms Get the cutest vending jinrikisha covers from foster family street name label designers at telemarketing pony jaunty car deerstalking-mount shop! you have selections for boys, On his multichannel recorder twitter hugh wrote.

    MyLinkVault Newest Links

  • Waters spends much of his spare time over here shooting pheasant in the Welsh borders and deerstalking in Scotland.

    Top stories from Times Online

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