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  • n. Plural form of despoiler.


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  • There are no owners for this property but the nation, an indeterminate, invisible personage; no barrier other than so many seals exists between the spoils and the despoilers, that is to say, so many strips of paper held fast by two ill-applied and indistinct stamps.

    The French Revolution - Volume 3

  • Where four million people disported themselves, the wild wolves roam to-day, and the savage progeny of our loins, with prehistoric weapons, defend themselves against the fanged despoilers.

    Page 7

  • The movie then jumps seven years, during which time Gordon has written a bestseller called Is Greed Good?, and his estranged daughter, Winnie Gekko (the gamine Carey Mulligan), has rejected greed in favour of green to join an online charitable organisation devoted to exposing environmental despoilers.

    Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – review

  • "In Patagonia" — Bruce Chatwin's eclectic jamboree of storytelling, anthropology, legend and polemic — is hostile to the those European despoilers so reflexive in their contempt for "savages."

    Fury and Terror On the High Seas

  • Expect the Obama campaign to tell its green funders how the Administration "saved the Grand Canyon" from corporate despoilers as the Presidential race heats up.

    Heavy Metal Politics

  • But it felt like I'd taken a step beyond denouncing the polluters and despoilers, or waiting for politicians and corporations to have a sudden change of heart and mind.

    Marc Ian Barasch: Practicing 'Green Compassion': How Do You Stack Up?

  • Clearly, we've got a long way to go to bridge the gap between scorning the environmental despoilers and warmly embracing the eco-friendly.

    How Deep Is Your Eco-Love? Environmental Values Important in Dating and Mating Survey Says

  • They see the image of despoilers; they fear that humanity is a cancer spreading across the planet, endangering the existence of all other creatures.

    Deepak Chopra: What Mother Nature Is Saying About Us

  • There will be no more free mustache rides for despoilers of the environment.

    Putting It On Wax | ATTACKERMAN

  • So far, Asiatic polluters and despoilers of the environment outrank white racists.

    Activist versus Activist


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