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  • adj. That stimulates each ear with a different pitch or loudness

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  • Involving the use of both ears for the simultaneous hearing of tones of different pitch: opposed to diotic: as, dichotic audition; a dichotic experiment.


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  • They used a technique called “dichotic listening,” which Wikipedia defined as a technique where two different auditory messages were transmitted at the same time.

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  • For example, in tests of dichotic listening, individuals prove better able to process words and consonants presented to the right ear (left hemisphere), while more successful at processing musical tones (and often other environmental noises as well) when these have been presented to the right hemisphere.

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  • They were doing an amage (ph) to one of the biggest and most dichotic moments in MTV history.

    CNN Transcript Aug 29, 2003

  • Findings indicate that cerebral malaria results in multiple, major, substantially underappreciated neuropsychiatric symptoms in Vietnam veterans, including poor dichotic listening, "personality change," depression, and, in some cases, partial seizure-like symptoms.

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  • Before and immediately after the inducement of anger they measured the heart rate and arterial tension, the levels of testosterone and cortisol, and the asymmetric activation of the brain (using the dichotic listening technique), the general state of mind and the subjective experience of the anger emotion.

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  • Yasin I (2007) Hemispheric differences in processing dichotic meaningful and non-meaningful words.

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  • Specht K, Shah JN, Hugdahl K (2003) Focused attention in a simple dichotic listening task: an fMRI experiment.

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  • Buchanan TW, Lutz K, Shah NJ (2001) Focused and nonfocused attention in verbal and emotional dichotic listening: an FMRI study.

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  • AB / LO produces a similar high, but with a dichotic twist: Half jolts you with specters of Armageddon, cannibalism, disillusionment, and a woeful fable about a brown ape; the other half liberates you, like church letting out, with themes of nature, flowers, and carnal frolicking woven in.

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  • Robust TOJ learning (reduced temporal order discrimination thresholds) occurred for all groups, although auditory learning (dichotic

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  • The Donald sows discord and fear

    With nonsense I'd rather not hear.

    Since life's less chaotic

    When listening's dichotic

    I've learned how to turn a deaf ear.

    September 14, 2016