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  • n. A doorstop: a device for halting the motion of a door.
  • n. A gauge used in geophysics.

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  • n. same as doorstop.

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  • n. a stop that keeps open doors from moving


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  • This 534-page doorstopper is no ordinary kids 'book, for sure.

    GreenCine Daily: Sunday shorts.

  • The Rebecca West doorstopper is wonderful -- her riff on the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is brilliant -- but her quirks can get annoying; the idealization of "the Serb" and the anti-German bigotry (according to West, Goethe can be reduced to "ain't Nature grand") start to get wearying, though she usually saves the day with a lyrical description of a remote place like Lake Ohrid, or a chilling recitation of the bloody dynastic wars between the Karageorges and the whoozis, the other guys.

    The long grave already dug

  • While I am tired of the "doorstopper" books, I felt like this story really should have been told in 2 books, so that we get more background on the characters and the world and its history.

    Review: A Darkness Forged In Fire by Chris Evans

  • He met with GM ad executives Jack McNulty and George Pruitt, who asked Ken to condense his "doorstopper" proposal into a brief description of the project.

    Lunch at Michael's with Ken Burns

  • A doorstopper of a catalog covers everything from the history of the crafts movement to the more arcane aspects of weaving, woodworking, ceramics, glassmaking and furniture design, seen through the lens of the radical changes in art, society and lifestyle in postwar America.

    Coming In From the Cold

  • YANKEEOGRAPHY PINSTRIPE LEGENDS $179.99; A&E -- This doorstopper of a boxed set is handsomely made and impressively heavy.

    Michael Giltz: DVDs: Great Boxed Sets? How Sweet It Is! (Plus The Not So Sweet)

  • Take out all the filler in that doorstopper, and you're left with about one hundred pages. wESh

    Kristen Stewart Wants BREAKING DAWN to be Two Movies and What Does She Think of a 3D TWILIGHT? –

  • About the only names slipping by here are two current authors who keep getting buried, either in the mound of 'grit' that seems to be pouring out of book covers these days or beneath the inaptly applied 'doorstopper' description: Steven Erikson and Joe Abercrombie.

    MIND MELD: The Best Sword & Sorcery Stories

  • It seems an obvious thing: we all have short attention spans in this internet-saturated age. 4000 word stories should be enormously popular, moreso than giant doorstopper novels.

    Salute Your Shorts

  • In China every month's edition is a glossy, advert-packed, doorstopper: testament to the explosion of the high-end fashion industry.

    China's taste for high-end fashion and luxury brands reaches new heights


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  • I see confusion among the words “doorjamb,” “doorstop,” and “doorstopper.”

    “Doorjamb” refers to the upright pieces forming the frame of a door; that is, the sides of the doorway. The “jamb” component does not connote “jamming” in the sense of stuffing or wedging but is from the Latinate word for leg – “jambe.”

    A “doorstop” is a heavy object placed on the floor before a door to prevent it from swinging on its hinges. This word is commonly invoked to imply uselessness, to signify that an object has no useful quality except for mass. For example, “Since broadcast TV went to a digital format my television has become a doorstop.”

    “Doorstopper” in the publishing business is used to describe a book that is physically large. It does not necessarily imply anything about the quality of the book. Books of average or less than average weight would not serve to stop a swinging door, but a massive book will.

    I would expect that the hoary publishing usage will over time be eroded by the more popular and flippant “doorstop” and will acquire negative connotations.

    March 13, 2015