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  • n. A cheap inn; a flophouse.

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  • n. a cheap lodging house


doss +‎ house (Wiktionary)


  • In the interior of the dosshouse was a long, wide and grimy board, measuring some 28 by 70 feet.

    Creatures That Once Were Men

  • The house itself was of course unoccupied, but this shed, formerly a blacksmith's forge, was now turned into a "dosshouse," kept by a retired Captain named

    Creatures That Once Were Men

  • He was big and ugly, with a nose that had been spread half across his face, probably by a club, there wasn't a hair on his phiz or gleaming skull, the huge arms protruding from his vest were covered with tattoos, but what took the eye was that he was clieking away with knitting needles at a piece of woollen work - not a common sight in a waterfront dosshouse.


  • And more and more hotheaded youths flocked to hear the exciting preacher with his rebel message, his exciting-sounding 'combat training weekends' and his credit-card fraud and benefit-cheating base in the dosshouse set up - where the women's worship area in the Mosque basement had once been, in happier days.

    Some background reading...

  • I am afraid you could not heave ahore one of your own old stepstones, barnabarnabarn, over a stumbledown wall here in Huddlestown to this classic Noctuber night but itandthey woule binge, much as vecious, off the dosshouse back of a racerider in his truetoflesh colours, either handicapped on her flat or barely repeating himself.

    Finnegans Wake

  • And from that day, a year and a half ago, there has been keen competition among the inhabitants of the dosshouse as to which can swear the hardest at the merchant.

    Creatures That Once Were Men, and other stories

  • Captain, and this was probably the cause of his falling so low as dosshouse life, and of his inability to rise again.

    Creatures That Once Were Men, and other stories

  • All those who were in the dosshouse at the moment came out to look at them and expressed themselves loudly and freely in reference to the matter.

    Creatures That Once Were Men, and other stories

  • If he were not afraid of him he would long ago have evicted him from the dosshouse.

    Creatures That Once Were Men, and other stories

  • When the teacher appeared in the dosshouse, Tyapa had already lived there for some time.

    Creatures That Once Were Men, and other stories


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