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  • n. Someone who downloads files from the Internet.
  • n. A computer program which aids the downloading of files.


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download +‎ -er


  • While im sure the downloader is also uploading at the same time (bittorrent needs to upload in order to download unless youre a total leech and rig it) the whole point is that the game information your sending should be treated the same way as any bootleg (btw NOT all bittorrent files are bootleg, bittorrent is commonly used to move huge legitimate files across since its so efficient.) youre both paying, just because you consider your game to be of more importance doesnt make it so.

    Comcast: We Need to Play Internet Traffic Cop - Bits Blog -

  • Pamela Samuelson, one of America's leading copyright scholars, has published a working paper arguing that the DoJ's and RIAA's theory for calculating damages in downloader lawsuits is flawed:

    Boing Boing

  • Leading copyright scholar says DoJ gets it wrong in downloader lawsuits

    Boing Boing

  • ComicZeal's built-in downloader lets you browse our great collection of copyright-free Golden Age comics and download them straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Boing Boing

  • They estimate $2million a week loss, but this presumes that every downloader is a lost customer, which is stupid.

    Sorry to hear that. « Imaginary Potential

  • And just to make things easier, I wrote a free ebook reader for Windows which has a built-in downloader for the whole Gutenberg catalog.

    Free Golden Age Science Fiction

  • (One of the reasons most of us think the evidence extracted by MediaSentry should never have been accepted to prosecute an individual downloader is because it never contains the REPEATED instances of that one user in question.

    MediaSentry Super-Secret Squirrel tech

  • WebRipper is a free Internet scanner and downloader, which is easy to use, yet powerful and fast.

    Crossword Puzzle – Tuesday « Climate Audit

  • A Trojan is any program that pretends to be something other than what it really is - a downloader is a program that downloads another program.

  • The Trojan, classified as a downloader, is capable of installing additional malware on the compromised computer.

    PC World


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