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  • n. Same as soe.


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  • It's low, mum, 'says I,' is rats, but it's t 'nature of a dog; an' soa's cuttin 'round an' meetin 'another dog or two an' passin 't' time

    Soldiers Three

  • Nor what tha'll find i'th 'places parsons call soa awful. "

    Yorkshire Lyrics Poems written in the Dialect as Spoken in the West Riding of Yorkshire. To which are added a Selection of Fugitive Verses not in the Dialect

  • Report Abuse alongside 'soa' who wrote on this matter just moments ago. the day women demanded equal pay for their 'shrill shrieking exhortations in this game of tennis, was the day that they should have all stood up and accepted that their matches should be over 5 sets. it (the call to change) should have come from the players group themselves. it is a blot on them as players that they haven't made this call. right now to pay good money as a spectator to be wasted on' simplistic 'games that the' media yourselves 'does everything to portray sexually as opposed to' female sport 'is a cancer on the development of tennis. time to change the format, and if to accommodate such less players are required then' so be it 'for the protection of the fans who after all have to endure this' schlok '.

    Yahoo! News: Top Stories

  • It's low, mum, "says I," is rats, but it's t 'nature of a dog; an' soa's cuttin 'round an' meetin 'another dog or two an' passin 't' time o 'day, an' hevvin 'a bit of a turn-up wi' him like a Christian. "

    Indian Tales

  • Fortunately this time around the development community was smart enough to not waste time / money / energy in buying "soa":). News

  • A tentativa de colar a idéia desta censura à uma suposta moralização é inútil, soa ofensiva quando os políticos corruptos e com ficha suja continuarão a concorrer em total liberdade.

    Global Voices in English » Brazil: Has a free Internet really appeared on the electoral scene?

  • Officials at the USDA said its biotechnology-regulation office is coping with a soa ring number of comments from the public and a flood of new seed inventions, some of which will likely require more-rigorous environmental reviews than past plants because they would grow in new places, such as drought-tolerant corn, or use food crops to make industrial products.

    Biotech Firms Seek Speedier Reviews of Seeds

  • By the early 1980s, when the sports collectibles market began to soa

    Who Is the Greatest Yankee?

  • DanielLight somafm elbrackeen Boolifyha3rvey help my PC is way too old and the headphone jack is not working intabulas delete from reality where acronym like 'soa%'; - note, credit to @snoopdave since I was copying hiw tweet to email to someone

    Paste to Win! (A Twitter Contest) - Anil Dash

  • Ironically, as I did soa young man has a seizure, fell and hit his head hard right in front of me.

    Live OEN Street Medic Report From Occupied St Paul


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