from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A codfish.
  • n. A kind of wattled box for catching herrings.
  • n. A lazy, lumpish person.


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  • The cord from his droud is shortened, again in amateurish fashion.

    Minnesota Menage

  • The droud was a standard make, but it had been altered.

    Minnesota Menage

  • Graham claims that the droud was a standard type, that your friend must have altered it himself. "

    Minnesota Menage

  • This, of course, leads directly to the droud/wirehead problem...

    Making Light: What future we were making

  • With food only a few footsteps away ... but he'd have to pull out the droud to reach it.

    Minnesota Menage

  • Even your best friends wouldn't know, unless they caught you with the droud plugged in.

    Minnesota Menage

  • He couldn't concentrate on anything but getting the droud back in his head.

    Minnesota Menage

  • With my imaginary fingertips I touched the droud in Owen's head, then ran them down to a tiny hole in his scalp, and further.

    Minnesota Menage

  • Later, before he plugged in the droud, he made one attempt to atone for his crime.

    Minnesota Menage

  • Your normal addict pulls his droud out as often as he inserts it, but your friend was getting ten times normal current.

    Minnesota Menage


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  • "1. A codfish.

    2. A kind of wattled box for catching herrings.

    3. A lazy, lumpish person." -- Cent. Dict.

    May 17, 2011

  • an oafish woman

    January 12, 2008