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  • noun arithmetic differentiation with respect to x
  • noun A Roman numeral representing five hundred and ten (510).
  • abbreviation Dx


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  • The integral in equation 6 uses dx, which is clearly an area here, because x is a location on a surface.

    Rabett Run EliRabett 2009

  • But we still speak of a small increment or patch of solid angle, just like in the vector case the dx is a small increment of the vector x, in two parts.

    Rabett Run EliRabett 2009

  • What is confusing and perhaps I am simply misinterpreting what Arthur Smith says above, is that he seems to indicate that his dx is a vector: "Perhaps my vector dx notation for a surface element isn't the usual convention"

    Rabett Run EliRabett 2009

  • Seems having a dx is a good thing, even if there is no known treatment or cure.

    Krill oil and inflammation | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. 2007

  • Certain pairs of letters, such as "dx," don't exist in English, while some letters almost always appear next to a certain other letter, such as "u" after "q".

    Two Centuries On, a Cryptologist 2009

  • One has to be careful in drawing a direct analogy between what Wolfram shows and what Arthur Smith has done, given that Smith's "dx" is a vector, according to Smith's own words above: "Perhaps my vector dx notation for a surface element isn't the usual convention"

    Rabett Run EliRabett 2009

  • That is, for a surface integral you can think of "dx" as two vectors... just like the Wolfram page uses two tangent vectors to represent the patch of surface.

    Rabett Run EliRabett 2009

  • The wording "my vector dx notation" refers to the use of a vector x as the integration variable, and of course the "dx" in integration represents a small increment in the integration variable.

    Rabett Run EliRabett 2009

  • For concreteness, consider a differential equation system, such as dx ‰ „ ‰ dt = Fx for a set of variables x = x1, x2, ¦, xn.

    Chaos Bishop, Robert 2008

  • (Recall that "dx" means, in an informal way, "infinitesimal bit of length".)

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en] 2010


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