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  • adj. Attributive form of eagle owl, noun.


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  • Kuari was an eagle-owl, a bird which dwarfed all other birds except the bondbird eagles.

    Elephant in the City

  • These include the Usambara eagle-owl (Bubo vosseleri, VU), banded sunbird (Anthreptes rubritorques, VU), and Mrs Moreaus warbler (Bathmocercus winifredae, VU).

    Eastern Arc forests

  • The eagle-owl resembles the common owl in shape, but it is quite as large as the eagle.

    The History of Animals

  • The hybris, said by some to be the same as the eagle-owl, is never seen by daylight, as it is dim-sighted, but during the night it hunts like the eagle; it will fight the eagle with such desperation that the two combatants are often captured alive by shepherds; it lays two eggs, and, like others we have mentioned, it builds on rocks and in caverns.

    The History of Animals

  • Further, of birds that fly by night, some have crooked talons, such as the night-raven, the owl, and the eagle-owl.

    The History of Animals

  • One of them, the great eagle-owl, had made that attack on Shivani's man tonight, a move that no ordinary owl would even have contemplated, much less executed with such perfection.

    The Serpent's Shadow

  • So, once I fan my fevered brow and recover from all this, I will be out hunting: one female Hanuman langur, one female saker falcon, one male Eurasian eagle-owl.

    The Serpent's Shadow

  • Just as Maya noticed that the eagle-owl was not in the conservatory, she heard a thud on the platform, and a moment later, the owl waddled ponderously into the light, then dropped down onto the dead tree and began to clean her talons meticulously.

    The Serpent's Shadow

  • As the great eagle-owl landed on the lirnb beside him, a huge branch wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side on it, he looked over to the next branch to see how Snowfire progressed.


  • The call of an eagle-owl rang out above their heads, startling all of them.



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  • "...over tight-packed bands of penguins lining that grim shore—the austral humming-bird, an eagle-owl exactly like the one they had seen in the Sinai desert, and the flightless duck of Tierra del Fuego, whose nest he alone of all Western ornithologists had discovered under a tangle of snow-covered wintergreen not far from Port Famine."

    --Patrick O'Brian, The Nutmeg of Consolation, 251

    March 9, 2008