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  • v. Present participle of eddy.


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  • I heard the clash with which they struck upon the air; and I beheld his body give out rays of glittering blue and green as he darted along, and away, away, over the water in eddying circles that seemed to know no end.

    Parables From Nature

  • So far from all prosperity awaiting the people as the false prophets say (Jer 23: 17), wrath is in store for them. grievous -- literally, "eddying," whirling itself about, a tornado.

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • a few hours, it would become lost to view amid the seething mass of papers, though occasionally, to use his own expression, it might be seen "eddying" to the surface in some later disturbance.

    Great Astronomers

  • All of it washed away like mud down a river, eddying and pooling in places, but loosening the tension, setting me free.

    Brush of Darkness

  • The line feels apposite because Warpaint make music to submerge yourself in, limpid on the surface, eddying beneath.

    Warpaint: The Fool - review

  • He speaks of winds coursing through the body of the woman, currents that break against barriers, eddying.

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • It was fresh -- the smoke-curing had just begun -- and, save for the closed eyes, all the sullen handsomeness and animal virility of the boy, as Joan had known it, was still to be seen in the monstrous thing that twisted and dangled in the eddying smoke.

    Chapter 24

  • Over it all, a pall of smoke and dust hung in the air, covering everything, choking the survivors and twisting and eddying in the cool spring breeze.

    Roger Moorhouse's "Berlin at War," reviewed by Jonathan Yardley

  • It's a bid to recapture lost time, whose eddying rhythms are contagious and heartbreakingly personified by Virginie Leyoden and Cyprien Fouquet as the runaway lovers.

    Faded Glories and Foreign Flavors

  • Some poorer neighborhoods in the northern part of the city were underwater, with raw sewage leaking from backed up sewers and pools of trash eddying in the current.

    Floodwaters Spill Into Memphis


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  • "...she wafted about like an eddying wind..." The Shack by WM Paul

    October 1, 2010