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  • v. Present participle of effort.


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  • Right now they say they are 'efforting' Porta-Pottys.

    Larry King gives Jon Stewart portable restroom for Mall rally

  • He was a class act, and in a world of blow-dried packaged news anchors who use words like "efforting" ( "We're efforting to bring you the details as soon as they are available") he stood above the rest, and that includes people like Tom Brokaw with his painful speech pattern and Dan Rather with his folksiness-on-crack delivery.

    August 2005

  • One more kudo to NBC Channel 6: I have not heard one of their reporters use the word "efforting" as a verb ( "We are efforting to bring you that story").

    September 2004

  • I'm tired of "efforting" my way through everything.

    Bend Blogs

  • We are "efforting" to see if Theodore would like to stop by for a chat.) - Alex Ovechkin as a lead singer-one-hit wonder or rock legend?

    Kuklas Korner

  • Friday afternoon, I'm ducking work for an hour and taking a rare trip over to CNN, a station I avoid for a multitude of reasons, including what they do to the English language -- they always seem to be "efforting" to bring us more on a story because they think it sounds like harder work than "trying..."

    John Eskow: Wolf Blitzer, Master of Life and Death

  • I wonder if people in the 1400s disliked “wedged” as much as I dislike “efforting.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “The Modern Practice of Making Certain Nouns into Verbs”

  • Santini@MSNBC.COM | | plane crash at World Trade Center in NYC-no word on details - efforting more info now

    OpEdNews - Diary: Early 9-11 text messages: "A plane crashed thru the twin towers. Real bad."

  • While constantly efforting to play your role according to the rules, you also try to balance your emotional life, maintain your relations within friendship, spend time with your family and keep busy with your children (if you have any).

    The Five Faces of Women

  • We're efforting (ph) to get Josh Booth again and we're going to still look at a few of the citizen photos of the scene.

    CNN Transcript Feb 13, 2009


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