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  • adv. Alternative form of e.g..

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  • A simplified spelling of egg.


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  • Now, Obama has "issues" that the GOP will try to twist (his name eg) but I believe he has a much better chance of winning.

    Obama Campaign Has Raised Over $4 Million -- Since Polls Closed Yesterday!

  • It does at Google and will at Yahoo when inside a phrase eg three * mice.

    Internet News: Search Technology Archives

  • Search for Peter Jacso as the author, and a keyterm in the title eg google.

    Internet News: Web Resource Archives

  • While video bloggers need to hit a daily schedule, Tv runs to a more weekly package (filmed in eg 12 eps series so it's not 50 weeks a year although i did read in Sun today that each CSI episode costs $3m an episode)

    The Secret SAAS Spyder Move.

  • Podtrac et al should prorata payments for surveys filled in eg $20 per survey for the 500 (at least) surveys that have been filled in by Keith and the Girl listeners: that would equal $10,000 which would enable Keith to podcast for another 2-3 months without having to get a crappy job and be in trouble with Chemda.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • If you get traffic that can be monetised - which you share in eg 10-15%; Performance Driven Content Payments.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • More than of my graduate, fortyish, friends have said that if they had known about life at 15 what they know now, they wouldn't have bothered with university, but have gone out and got an apprenticeship in eg plumbing.

    What's gone wrong with comprehensives?

  • I realised, that the tag eg-259 would be too generic so I created RSS feeds for eg-259:lecture01, eg-259+xhtml to allow some finer granularity.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • Something to replace a curse word eg "You are so full of Driggle"

    Documenting Reality

  • By the way, the “it’s all a dream” is similar to the “I am dead/dying and this is all imagined” technique used in eg “Jacob’s Ladder” and “November (with Courtney Cox)”.

    Eric’s Top 10 Worst Twist Endings » Scene-Stealers


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  • e.g. stands for the Latin phrase “exempli gratia,�? which means “for the sake of example.�?

    November 26, 2007