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  • noun An electron-deficient chemical compound or group that is attracted to electrons and tends to accept electrons.

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  • noun chemistry a compound or functional group that is attractive to, and accepts electrons, especially accepting an electron pair from a nucleophile to form a bond


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electro- + -phile


  • An '' 'electrophile' '' is a negatively charged proton which is attracted to the oppositely charged electronsa round another atom.

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  • This ability to attract electrons has earned cinnamic aldehyde its electrophile classification, but cinnamic aldehyde has mild or weak activity.

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  • When cinnamic aldehyde, a weak electrophile, acts upon NRF2, this protective transcription factor is activated, just as it is when a cell is under attack by free radicals.

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  • The curcuminoids found in turmeric also function as a mild electrophile or Michael acceptor.

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  • As for cinnamic aldehyde, the curcuminoids, and the nitroalkenes, I believe the anticancer activity and other therapeutic benefits of a nitrone spin trap results from the fact that it is a mild electrophile and a Michael acceptor pharmacophore.

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  • Any substance that rips electrons away from another molecule is known as an oxidizing agent or electrophile.

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  • The requirement for one base and one electrophile may be a major factor in preserving the cis-enediol mechanism in evolution.

    Irwin Rose - Autobiography

  • You're an electrophile and I'm a nucleophile, we're attracted and we can make each other happy.

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  • The lab is interested in basic, mechanistic and translational research focusing on bzip transcription factor, Nrf2 that regulates several drug and electrophile detoxification genes.

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  • As other members of the CNC family of bZip transcription factors, Nrf2 forms a heterodimer with its obligatory partner Maf, thereby binding to a cis-acting enhancer sequence known as the antioxidant response element (ARE), also referred to as the electrophile response element (EpRE) with a core nucleotide sequence of

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