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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of embalm.


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  • Another name embalms the theory in terse Saxon that the liquor is a poison, to the inner man.

    History of the University of North Carolina. Volume I: From its Beginning to the Death of President Swain, 1789-1868

  • The day was warm and still; it had that aromatic scent which loads the atmosphere in spots thickly planted with firs; such as embalms the air to the traveller who has come through the wild pass of Glencoe, and rests among the ancient firs of the Black

    Stuart of Dunleath: A Story of Modern Times

  • It embalms memorabilia of the death camps and preserves them as national treasures.


  • The show centers on the Fishers, a family that lives, loves, fights and embalms together in a Los Angeles funeral home.

    Tv's Stiff Competition

  • One outstanding investigation headed by Dr. Maria Alemany, the Trocho Study, showed that formaldehyde from aspartame embalms living tissue and damages DNA, two horrible consequences.

    Hawaii Ban Aspartame Bill Ends in Political Paralysis

  • As Benjamin Disraeli said, precedent embalms a principle.

    A Less-Reserved Fed

  • What needs to be done is a repeat of theTrocho Study in Barcelona which showed the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA.

    Aspartame & New Zealand

  • “What remains?” cried Ivanhoe; “Glory, maiden, glory! which gilds our sepulchre and embalms our name.”


  • Herrick, also, in his “Dirge of Jephtha,” pours forth a fragrant flow of poetical thought and image, which in a manner embalms the dead in the recollections of the living.

    The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon

  • Ice appeals to an altogether different part of the psyche than the cooking fire, for cold embalms whatever it touches, right down to the atomic-level stasis of absolute zero.

    The Empress of Ice Cream


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  • "A precedent embalms a principle" (Benjamin Disraeli).

    - As quoted in the American Heritage Dictionary definition for embalm.

    August 5, 2010