from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The act of enslaving, or the state of being enslaved, literally or figuratively; slavery; bondage; servitude.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun The act of reducing to slavery; state of being enslaved; bondage; servitude.

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  • noun The act of enslaving or the state of being a slave; bondage

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  • noun the act of making slaves of your captives
  • noun the state of being a slave


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  • But he was also an internationalist, and he deeply detested the negative aspect of Russian history and what he called enslavement attitude.

    The Long Road to Freedom: Russia & Glasnost

  • To Bolívar and his audience, enslavement is the most degraded state of being, and renders it "difficult to enjoy liberty."

    London-Kingston-Caracas: The Transatlantic

  • Liberating people from enslavement is worth the price of war, to Denton.

    Denton, Jeremiah A.

  • I am forever enslaved to him for his love, for his teaching, for his infinitely manifested charity and sweetness, and this enslavement is guerdon of my existence, in that it has taught me freedom, and led to where, within my capacity, I might view and explore the wide spaces of life and thinking.


  • Company edicts protected Khoisan from enslavement from the earliest days of VOC settlement, but Jan van Riebeeck employed local servants, including Krotoa, whose incorporation into colonial society as Eva was never complete. 22 Her liminal status was a harbinger of things to come for Khoisan, whose own family connections or sense of belonging were often no match for the colonists 'insatiable demand for labor and the dominant society's concomitant ability to construe subordinate identities as subordinated labor.

    Belongings: Property, Family, and Identity in Colonial South Africa

  • The difference with me is that I consider the defense of an open society to be the broader and more fundamental prerequisite of the defense of individual rights, without which formal liberty is impossible and meaningless- and I see a person who advocates a return to traditional society as calling for my enslavement is a much more spiritually substantial sense than someone who ‘merely’ advocates conscription or censorship.

    Women and the Invisible Fist

  • It makes little difference to the serf whether he's captive of a domestic tyrant or a foreign one, his enslavement is the same.

    Bush: I'm Commander In Chief, Screw Your Rights

  • No law, domestic or international, exists to save them from the noose of debt enslavement, which is their terrifying legacy.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • The attitude in most cases was that the Negroes had been a very much oppressed people and that their enslavement was a disgrace of which the whole country should be made to feel ashamed.

    The Journal of Negro History, Volume 4, 1919

  • Any other form of government would be, in their case, as well as in that of minors, a practical denial of their rights; because it would result in the annihilation of their essential rights; that is, the enslavement of their wills to the basest passions of fallen nature.

    Lectures on the Philosophy and Practice of Slavery, as Exhibited in the Institution of Domestic Slavery in the United States: with the Duties of Masters to Slaves.


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