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  • adj. Of, pertaining to or based on enumeration

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Counting, or reckoning up, one by one.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Serving to enumerate; counting; reckoning up.


enumerate +‎ -ive (Wiktionary)


  • Months, years, and entire character transformations are dispatched in a few enumerative sentences.


  • A case of sleeping sickness studied by precise enumerative methods: Further observations.

    Parasite Rex

  • So it is possible to argue that enumerative induction is unjustified while simultaneously agreeing that mathematicians are rational to believe GC on the basis of the available evidence.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • As Frege's remarks suggest, one way to underpin an argument against the use of enumerative induction in mathematics is via some sort of non-uniformity principle: in the absence of proof, we should not expect numbers (in general) to share any interesting properties.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • It would seem to follow from this principle that enumerative induction is unjustified, since we should not expect (finite) samples from the totality of natural numbers to be indicative of universal properties.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • (To what extent enumerative induction plays a role in the discovery of new hypotheses, or in the choice of what open problems mathematicians decide to work on, is a separate issue which has not been addressed here.)

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • The graph suggests that the hardest test cases for GC.are likely to occur among the smallest numbers; hence the inductive sample for biased, but it is biased against the chances of GC. Mathematicians 'confidence in the truth of not based purely on enumerative induction.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • One distinctive feature of the mathematical case which may make a difference to the justificatory power of enumerative induction is the importance of order.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics

  • Many less theoretical instances of inductive reasoning also fail to be captured by enumerative induction.

    Inductive Logic

  • The point is that a full account of inductive logic should not be limited to enumerative induction, but should also explicate the logic of hypothetical reasoning through which hypotheses and theories are tested on the basis of their predictions about specific observations.

    Inductive Logic


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