epistemological love



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  • adj. Of or pertaining to epistemology or theory of knowledge, as a field of study.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to knowing or cognizing, as a mental activity.

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  • Relating or pertaining to epistemology.

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  • adj. of or relating to epistemology


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  • Byrne and Logue (2008) distinguish a version of disjunctivism that they label epistemological disjunctivism.

    Petty Injuries

  • (Philosophy/Logic) denoting the branch of modal logic that deals with the formalization of certain epistemological concepts, such as knowledge, certainty, and ignorance See also doxastic

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Words I never expected to write

  • Although the sexual bodies of traditional pornography are visibly rendered — we see fellatio, cunnilingus, and intercourse — that "reality" can no longer maintain epistemological supremacy: its conventions are exposed by the spectacle in which it appears.

    How to Do the History of Pornography: Romantic Sexuality and its Field of Vision

  • That the problems of thinking about the other in romantic love can come to seem ethical -- veering around questions of projection, violation, respect -- as well as epistemological, is the burden of this essay; and my argument is that the Romantic (capital R) and the romantic (little r) are conjoined in the ethics of thinking.

    Thinking about the Other in Romantic Love

  • Seeing is reading: hence the fundamental role of the aesthetic in epistemological philosophies such as Kant’s, and hence the burdened role of the human body in phenomenological or psychoanalytic discourses, where the body must provide fundamental shapes and surfaces for the production of meaning, yet must also serve as a screen or surface onto which the possibility of form is projected.

    _Frankenstein_'s Cinematic Dream

  • There are many reasons why such parties might be important, but their most significant raison d'être is one which could be described as epistemological in nature – that is, concerned with the nature, foundations and presuppositions of ‘knowledge’.

    Missing In Inaction: Why An Opposition Party Matters

  • From this standpoint the subject of a document is defined as the epistemological potentials of that document.

    Article: The concept of “subject” in Information Science « ResourceShelf

  • The latter view is referred to as epistemological parity and is attributed to Gödel in (van Atten and Kennedy 2003).

    Kurt Gödel

  • The other type of theory, or attitude towards theoretical physics, is one that could be called epistemological, and these theories attempt to describe how the world looks to us (rather than to God).

    How many dimensions are there?

  • What other Austen commentators have called the epistemological failure of Emma's endingwith Frank Churchill's letter of explanation not even beginning to explain what really has gone on in the novel and whybegins in earnest at Box Hill.

    Unanswerable Gallantry and Thick-Headed Nonsense: Rereading Box Hill


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