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  • adj. Of or relating to the science of ergonomics
  • adj. Designed for comfort or to minimize fatigue

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  • adj. of or relating to ergonomics


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Dated 1950 CE; ergo- + -nomy + -ic, from Ancient Greek: ἔργον (ergon, "work") and νομός (nomós, "distribution").


  • Just looking at the picture one can practically feel oneself gently boinging up and down in ergonomic bliss.

    Matt Chapman | Inhabitat

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a lengthy set of so-called ergonomic regulations that were designed to lessen the dangers of MSD.

    t r u t h o u t

  • Now they have this 'ergonomic' crap design, idk, but it just sucks and the wings don't stick at all and the pad moves around.

    It gets to me every time

  • Claire Thompson, a workplace productivity consultant, says amenities that improve employee health, such as ergonomic goodies, can have a dramatic effect.

    The Best Workplace Luxuries Anywhere

  • The use of the word "ergonomic" to describe that lazily contrived squarish combination of fabrics with one inch unpadded shoulder cutting straps upsets me.

    Beaching and Moaning: Non-necessity is the Mother of Reinvention

  • From the start the oval lozenge shaped pads of this chair design defined the image of an "ergonomic" office chair that still persists today.

    ergon chair, task chair history 3

  • From hiking boots to beach sandals, even the more specialist items such as ergonomic running shoes and walking boots.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • To make sure that its older workers stay productive and healthy longer, Ford Europe has beefed up health counseling and introduced "ergonomic" production.

    The New Old Age

  • Following very positive results with US companies, The Litebook Company is recommending that desk top light therapy units should be offered as standard workplace equipment such as ergonomic furniture and water fountains.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Plenty of other amenities greeted us, such as ergonomic desk chairs and Mario Russo bath products your wife or girlfriend will go gaga over them.

    Cloud Nine Zero


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