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  • adj. Not of an economic nature


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non- +‎ economic


  • BLITZER: Do you think there should be -- you obviously agree with the president if I'm hearing you correctly, that there should be that $250,000 cap on what he calls noneconomic damages.

    CNN Transcript Jan 16, 2003

  • Republicans have long advocated for a bill that would cap so-called noneconomic damages - those for victims 'pain and suffering - at $250,000.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Further development, said Mr. Einhorn, is "noneconomic," and nine years of supply implies values aren't going up.

    St. Joe Battles Housing Problems, Einhorn

  • But as all media have discovered, the true threat is "noneconomic" competition that steals market share and has no interest in selling out.

    Are dating Web sites past their prime?

  • TAC and Front Porch Republic like to point out, corporatist thinking, which can only understand tax policy in economic terms, is really at tremendous odds with the kinds of 'noneconomic' productivity associated with individuals who count creating or maintaining families among their creative projects of highest achievement.

    The American Scene

  • (MICRA), imposing the $250,000 limit on "noneconomic" damages, which had been the form of the big malpractice verdicts, despite opposition from lawyers who represented plaintiffs


  • There has never been a society that combined full-blown socialism with prosperity or extensive "noneconomic" liberties for the population.

    British Blogs

  • Jaggers "does not recall ABO [blood] typing being discussed," but CDS begs to differ: "We called Duke, and gave Duke the donor blood type and other information from New England," CDS president Lloyd Jordan told NEWSWEEK. This was all unfolding against the backdrop of a malpractice-insurance crisis that has led to doctors 'strikes in several states, and proposals by President George W. Bush, among others, to set strict limits on what juries could award for "noneconomic" losses -- victims' pain and suffering or the survivors 'loss of companionship.

    'A Tragic Error'

  • The plan includes a series of curbs on medical liability lawsuits, including capping noneconomic damages awarded in such cases.

    Industry Formulates Its Own Medicare Prescription

  • However, the group has agreed to oppose the government in a possible no-confidence vote or in votes on noneconomic measures, the top politician said.

    Key Defections Hit Berlusconi


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