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  • ` I'd let me soul an 'body burn in everlastin' hell for them children of mine, 'was his answer.

    Chapter 3: Jackson's Arm

  • He told him, 'Ba thundas!' he could give him a bite to eat an 'a place to sleep, but he'd be pisined bit by rattlers, clawed by wild cats, chawed by the hogs, et by buzzards, an' everlastin'ly damned 'fore he'd tote water

    The Shepherd of the Hills

  • Bit into each the God of Battles 'everlastin' brands.

    'Hello, Soldier!' Khaki Verse

  • I was in the square listenin 'to Gran'ma Mullins' everlastin 'tale of woe over Hiram' n 'Lucy,' n 'up come the blacksmith with a tale of woe for myself.

    Susan Clegg and Her Neighbors' Affairs

  • "Wal, all I got ter say 'baout it is, that it's pooty full er big words, an' flourishes, but biled daown, it 'maounts ter jist this; Sabriny's sot her mind on makin' us an 'everlastin' long visit.

    Randy and Her Friends

  • You 'd gib yo' everlastin 'soul' f you wuz ez white ez Miss Chan'ler, en yo 'ha'r wuz ez long ez her'n. "

    The Wife of his Youth and Other Stories of the Color Line, and Selected Essays

  • "Nor everlastin 'dues to unions that don't do him no good."


  • Why, your voice, it just goes through me till I'm all trembling -- like with the everlastin 'cool of it.


  • Welse, not that my nose is out of joint, but you jest cinched me everlastin 'on sugar, didn't you?

    CHAPTER 22

  • Because what I learned from Alobar was that we have to evolve beyond our death consciousness if we expect to claim our divine right to life everlastin-.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth


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