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  • n. A skin eruption accompanying certain infectious diseases.
  • n. A disease, such as measles or scarlet fever, accompanied by a skin eruption.

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  • n. Alternative spelling of exanthem.

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  • n. An efflorescence or discoloration of the skin; an eruption or breaking out, as in measles, smallpox, scarlatina, and the like diseases; -- sometimes limited to eruptions attended with fever.

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  • n. Any diffuse or multiple affection of the skin marked by inflammation or simple hyperemia, or by effusion of lymph, or excessive exfoliation of epidermis, but usually restricted to skin-affections belonging to zymotic fevers. Also exanthem.
  • n. A zymotic fever of which a skin-affection is normally one of the symptoms, as scarlatina or measles.
  • n. In botany, same as die-back.

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  • n. eruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Late Latin exanthēma, from Greek, eruption, from exanthein, to burst forth : ex-, ex- + anthein, to blossom (from anthos, flower).


  • Several times we observed a faint icteric coloring and in some cases the appearance on neck and breast of an exanthema resembling measles.

    Prof. Koch's Method to Cure Tuberculosis Popularly Treated

  • The post doctoral fellow will conduct a project exploring the pathophysiology of drug allergies (exanthema, toxic epidermal necrolysis …).

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • Viruses that MDCK cells are susceptible to include vesicular stomatitis (Indiana strain), vaccinia, coxsackievirus B5, reovirus 2 and 3, adenovirus 4 and 5, vesicular exanthema of swine, and infectious canine hepatitis.


  • Comparative resistance of San Miguel sea lion virus and vesicular exanthema of swine virus to chemical disinfectants


  • A single case of the paralytic form of EHV-1 was reported from the United Kingdom, which also reported EHV-3 coital exanthema in a Thoroughbred stallion, a donkey, and one other horse on separate premises. News

  • •GORE aliquantum repellitur: & ficuti omne vivum a tepido refocillatur, nimis vero calido propelli - tur; fic a calpre Scabies. & exanthema intenditHf,

    Caroli a Linné equit. aur. de stella polari archiatri regii med. et botan. profess. Upsal. Acad ...

  • No payment shall be made, as provided in this section, unless the director has determined that the owner of such an animal has complied with the provisions of this section and other applicable provisions of this chapter and rules and regulations of the division established thereunder and that the owner or his representative has not, in the opinion of the director, by willful act or neglect, contributed to the spread of vesicular stomatitis or vesicular exanthema.

    Acts and resolves passed by the General Court

  • The codes cover contagious equine metritis organism (CEMO), equine viral arteritis (EVA), equine herpesvirus (EHV), equine coital exanthema (ECE), equine infectious anaemia (EIA or



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