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  • n. The process of exiting an area (usually behind enemy lines or in enemy territory).
  • n. A method for managing storm water runoff.


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  • Success was to be defined as the exfiltration of Bin Ladin out of Afghanistan.28 A meeting of principals was scheduled for May 29 to decide whether the operation should go ahead.

    Think Progress » Report: Saddam and Al Qaeda Enemies, Not Collaborators

  • In the sensitive areas where attempts at 'exfiltration' are insistent the vigilance is sharp and every day someone, somewhere along the nine hundred miles of the Frontier, dies, a worn coat puckered by a ballet and a hand going out to break the fall of the living body that is dead before it meets the ground; and there is special leave for the man who shot him down.

    The Striker Portfolio

  • The article also notes that despite the film's suggestion that Iraqi scientists became sacrificial lambs during their "exfiltration" from the country, an intelligence insider told us: "Something like this, if it was going on, wouldn't have been canceled for this reason."

  • When Clinton placed responsibility upon the person responsible for the exfiltration of the data, as opposed to Wikileaks itself, she may have tacitly ceded that the networked world that we live in at present means that once information is shared, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to control its spread.

    Alexander Howard: Secretary Clinton doubles down on Internet freedom at the State Department

  • There is no question that bad actors, from criminals and terrorists, to those involved in massive data exfiltration from

    Susan Landau: Wrong Direction on Privacy

  • Although the film suggests that the blowing of Valerie's cover led directly to the shutdown of the Iraqi scientist exfiltration, an intelligence insider told us: "Something like this, if it was going on, wouldn't have been canceled for this reason."

    Larry C. Johnson: Washington Post Editors Continue Smearing the Wilsons

  • Once we arrived we conducted eight separate infiltration and exfiltration operations over an eight-day period.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • Via Matthew Yglesias, the post-Mumbai climate of increased Indo-Pakistani tensions is causing the Pakistani military to redeploy forces from the northwest frontier province, where the task is allegedly combatting Pakistani militants and preventing exfiltration to Afghanistan, to the Indian border.

    End To End | ATTACKERMAN

  • It contained everything the two women would need for their exfiltration: two masks, two waterproof, red-lens flashlights, and small “spare air” supplemental oxygen bottles with built-in mouthpieces for each of them.

    The Athena Project

  • Their responsibility was to provide visual security and coordinate the exfiltration at the end of the assignment.

    The Athena Project


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