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  • n. Haruspicy: the study and divination by use of animal entrails, usually the victims of sacrifice.
  • n. A specific instance of such divination.

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  • n. In Roman antiquity, divination by inspection of entrails.


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From Latin extispicium.


  • The very rites of Etruscans which were designed to divine the future from the internal organs of sheep, themselves imported traditions traced back to Babylonian extispicy, are necessarily built on a lost metaphor of the Earth, not only as cold, dark and moist but also a living deity, complete with innards.

    The dank bowels of earth

  • This magical pattern is, oddly enough, an abstract representation of the "bowels of the earth" and a reference to both the divinatory practice of extispicy and an ancient conception of the journey of the sun under the horizon during the course of the night2.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • One link online concerning Babylonian haruspicy i.e. the practice of divining the future through sheep livers may oddly enough help us shed some light on Etruscan rites, beliefs and cosmology: Sacrificial divination: Confirmation of extispicy.

    Piacenza Liver and The Palace Gate

  • The labyrinth is the Minoan conception of the underworld, the winding entrails of the earth cf. extispicy.

    More about egg symbols in Etruria and the rest of the classical world

  • "For, in the present excited condition of our river-towns, men do not strive to copy the moderate virtues of the Ancients, but only to exaggerate their heathenish extispicy."

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 12, No. 72, October, 1863

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    On to the kinnor


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