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  • n. The mid latitudes beyond the tropics


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  • In the extratropics, variations in tracks and intensity of storms reflect variations in major features of the atmospheric circulation, such as the North Atlantic Oscillation.

    Climate change FAQs

  • If anything, the fact that the extratropical satellite measurement sees more of the stratosphere than it does in the tropics, due to a lowere tropopause height in the extratropics, the tropics should show greater warming just from this stratospheric effect.

    Unthreaded #18 « Climate Audit

  • It would be the RSS or UAH TMT for the tropics and for the extratropics north and south. jae

    Unthreaded #18 « Climate Audit

  • Mathematically, the amount of heat transferred from the tropics to the extratropics is under-determined.

    Unthreaded #11 « Climate Audit

  • The results are quite different for the north extratropics and especially the north polar oceans.

    Southern Ocean Temperature Trends « Climate Audit

  • Obviously the speleothem data from Oman and Dongge shows that the Holocene Optimum was very marked in these areas and not just the NH extratropics.

    Dongge Cave « Climate Audit

  • Only the northern extratropics and north polar ocean show warming.

    Southern Ocean Temperature Trends « Climate Audit

  • We now know that conditions at this time were probably warmer than today, but only in summer and only in the extratropics of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Holocene Optimum « Climate Audit

  • In the face of this evidence,Lorenz et al 2006 and predecessor article Kim et al QSR 2004 have proposed anewish theory that is gaining sway in Team-world – that there was Holocene Optimum warming in the extratropics, but there was tropical cooling in the Holocene Optimum.

    Holocene Optimum « Climate Audit

  • I asked myself why the authors did not otherwise summarize all the trends in the tropics and extratropics and compare them with the seasonal computer simulations.

    Lorenz et al 2006: "Tropical Cooling" « Climate Audit


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