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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a company that does not make its own silicon wafers and primarily concerns itself with research and design.


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fabrication and -less.


  • This is a tough business, the so-called fabless chipmaking for analog ICs, which allows optimizing of such settings as brightness and power efficiency they are distinct from digital microprocessors which handle on/off commands.

    'White-Haired Devil'

  • It will operate a so-called fabless venture, relying on other companies to manufacture the microchips it designs.

    Ericsson, ST in Chip-Design Deal

  • Telegent designs and markets its chips but is a so-called fabless semiconductor maker, or one that doesn't have its own manufacturing facility to fabricate chips.


  • A "fabless" company, it designs chips for its customers yet outsources the manufacturing.

    Marvell Technology's Mobile Connector

  • It is the world's largest "fabless" chip maker, meaning it designs its chips but outsources their manufacturing to others.

    Qualcomm Takes on India

  • TSMC created two new models for technology: independent chip makers and "fabless" design houses, each of which could better withstand the brutal cycles of the industry.

    Stumbling Toward Innovation

  • Chip companies like AMD, which is based in Austin, and Texas Instruments, which is based outside Dallas, have been moving to a "fabless" model in which companies outsource expensive manufacturing to foundries that do only contract manufacturing. Local Breaking News

  • Few companies are able or willing to undertake such an expensive and high-risk enterprise, a fact that largely explains the rise of the "fabless" semiconductor model.

    BNET Articles

  • Rhode also said the company's "fabless" model allows the Cirrus to choose the best technology for each chip it designs, rather than being stuck with a single factory or production method. Headlines

  • CAVM, recent price $33.75, is a so-called "fabless" tech company -- meaning it designs and markets semiconductor products but outsources their actual fabrication.

    Investment Markets: "New Merchandise" Biotech Stocks United Therapeutics, Cavium Likely To Show Strength | Investing |


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  • Ohhhh! I love this word! I'm going to use it to describe anything and everything that isn't fabulous!

    May 13, 2009

  • Of a semiconductor design business: doing only the design, and lacking the industrial facilities ('fabs') to fabricate the product. See more at Quinion.

    May 13, 2009