from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In the distillation of whisky, the receiver in which the faints, or weak spirit, is collected, to be afterward redistilled: same as faints-cask. See faint, n., 2.


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  •       The Distiller’s Apprentice

    The training begins with a grain sack,
    Then pray for a patience that saints lack.
    Learn "alembic" and "still,"
    Taste a "dram" or a "gill"
    And recycle your "tails" in a faints-back.

    There's much that's strange or unique
    To be learned in distillery-speak:
    A "back" holds the "faints"
    With the fusel oil taints
    And strong faints are common as weak.

    See also feints.
    I find more instances of this term used as two words than as a single hyphenated word.

    I now feel ready to set up in the moonshine business. All’s I need is a secluded holler and a yeller dog (and maybe a chaw o' tobakcy).

    March 28, 2014